New York, New York (December 19, 2000) – NTL Incorporated (NYSE: NLI and EASDAQ: NTLI) announced today that it has passed its year-end target of 500,000 installed digital subscribers ahead of schedule and that ntlworld, the company’s pioneering free and unlimited ISP in the UK, has registered its 500,000th user.

As of December 18, NTL had 505,749 installed digital customers. Having consolidated successfully 11 companies in 18 months, NTL’s speed of light fibre-optic network is over 90% broadband digital ready in the UK and Ireland. However, NTL believes that to release the full potential of Interactive and enhanced TV services, digital TV must be combined with the option of high-speed broadband access. That is why, having standardized on a DOCSIS/Liberate architecture, NTL offers stand-alone as well as pioneering set-top box embedded, broadband cable modems. By the end of 2001, the majority of NTL digital customers will also have a cable modem pre-installed and ready for operation, offering the option of high-speed and robust broadband access, with a range of speeds to meet individual needs and budget. This ‘digital-broadband’ combination will make Interactive TV, enhanced TV and Internet via the TV a truly powerful customer proposition.

Over the weekend, NTL passed a further milestone. As of December 17, 513,820 users had registered for ntlworld, the service that was launched on April 11, 2000. On average, 12,000 people register to join the service every week and over 70% of NTL customers, who use the Internet at home, select ntlworld. According to latest figures from the company, ntlworld has approximately 56 million page impressions per month.

NTL is one of the UK’s leading Internet service providers. Currently, the company is the UK’s third largest ISP (proforma for the Completion of Virgin Net).

Commenting on the Company’s progress, Barclay Knapp, President and Chief Executive Officer, said:

‘I can’t think of better gifts this holiday season than to achieve these important customer milestones. Our pioneering digital television and Internet services are unique and exceptional – as our customer numbers are demonstrating. NTL’s future is rooted squarely in the exciting new world of broadband services, and although we still have a long way to go, the accelerating take up of these services means we’re starting to get there fast.’

Stephen Carter, Managing Director of NTL, added:

‘We are working feverishly to install our digital services right up to the year end and are extremely proud to have reached these targets ahead of schedule: it demonstrates the competitiveness of our digitalplus bundle.

‘Before long, the majority of NTL digital customers will also have the option of broadband speed of access to release the full potential of Interactive, enhanced TV and Internet via the TV services – an exciting prospect for everyone living in an NTL franchise area.’

NTL launched the UK’s first interactive television service in March 1999, offering a wide range of news, sport, entertainment, travel, home shopping, learning and local information services via its TV-Internet platform. Today, the service features more than 90 content partners (including the BBC, British Airways, ITN and Dorling Kindersley) and is available to the vast majority of NTL’s digital cable network.

Digitalplus, NTL’s digital TV, telephone, Interactive and Internet service, features 120 digital channels, an easy to use EPG and email. The digital service is available in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the majority of England.

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