The new scoring system which was trialed by the Professional Squash Association earlier in the year will be introduced as a permanent fixture on the PSA Tour at the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Open at the end of this month.

The new scoring replaces the system used on the men’s professional circuit for more than a decade: As before, matches will feature best-of-five games, with each game scoring point-a-rally (PAR). However, the points now required in each game will be reduced from 15 to 11, with a requirement for two clear points to win the game from 10-all.

The system is designed and promoted to bring the professional game further into the 21st century as an explosive and exciting game for players, aficionados and audiences – whether live, on television or via the internet.

‘PSA is looking forward with real enthusiasm to the introduction of the new scoring system at the Cathay Pacific Hong Kong Open, one of the great events on our Tour,’ said PSA Chief Executive Gawain Briars.

‘Since the first announcement of our intention was made many weeks ago, there has been a strong and healthy debate among all sections of squash enthusiasts – all usually with valid points to make,’ Briars explained.

‘These commentaries have also reflected the diverse opinions and views of our great game that people hold so dear. I do say that the PSA has taken its responsibilities here with the utmost seriousness, and in reaching our conclusions we have taken into account these views through consultation and reaction from other bodies, players past and present, and promoters.

‘The new scoring system, trialed at the Brit Insurance Super Series Finals in May, will now be formally unveiled at our first major world ranking event in Hong Kong, when all the positive dimensions of this reform will be manifest for the game to see,’ Briars concluded.

The Cathay Pacific-sponsored event Tournament Director Heather Deayton added: ‘Hong Kong is delighted to know that in a week’s time we will have all the top men world squash players back after a year’s break due to SARS – and added to this we will be the PSA’s chosen event to launch the new scoring system.

‘I’m sure that the enthusiastic Hong Kong spectators will be keen to see the professional players put this into action and I know that our top referees are confident of implementing what is a new challenge for them.’

Details of the new system – which will be used at ALL PSA-sanctioned events from 29 August – are as follows:

1. Each game is scored up to 11 (eleven) points, point a rally.
2. Matches are best of 5 (five) games.
3. Rest in between games to remain as per PSA rules (two minutes).
4. a). If the game score reaches 10-10 (ten all) there is no election by the receiver. A player must win the game/match by two clear points.
b). The Marker to call: ’10-10 (ten-all), tiebreaker, player to win by two clear points.’ This announcement to be made only for the first game where the score reaches 10-all. Thereafter, the Marker to call from second game on, at 10-10 (ten-all): ’10-10 (ten-all), tiebreaker.’
c). The Marker to then call the score as: ’11-10 game ball (or match ball)’, then ’11-11′ (eleven-all), then ’12-11 game ball (or match ball)’, then ’13-11 game to ** (match to **).’
d). Service to continue as per current PSA rules.
5. The game score is then recorded, for all purposes, as: 11-10 (3-1). All scores are recorded with 11 as the winning player’s score.

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