Nationwide Building Society have teamed up with S-Comm Research (UK) Ltd to conduct a full appraisal of their sponsorship research programme.

Sandra Greer, Research Director at S-Comm, will lead the work, directly requested by Peter Gandolfi, Head of Sponsorship at Nationwide – ‘I approached S-Comm because of their unique and experienced approach to this work and clear understanding of the sponsorship research and information market. I am sure that the resulting research programme will ensure that we maximise our football interests.’

Sandra working with the Nationwide Research and Sponsorship Teams looks at all aspects of the football sponsorships with the ultimate objective of ensuring that all research and information requirements will be met through a fully integrated research and information programme.

S-Comm Research (UK) specialises in research consultancy working with sponsors and their associated agencies to gain a holistic approach to strategic reporting.

S-Comm Network includes independently owned and managed companies with over a total of 50 employees and a turnover of USD 12.7 million. S-Comm specialises in evaluation, research and consulting in the fields of sponsorship and event marketing.

S-Comm was formed in 1997 in Scandinavia which has a highly mature sponsorship market. Our clients to date include multinational companies, associations and advertising agencies, among them McDonald’s, Volvo, DHL, GM Opel, MCI WorldCom, Reebok, Vodafane, Bates, TBWA and IMG. S-Comm aims to lead the development of state-of-the art tools for evaluation and research in sponsorship and events in the 21st century.

For further information:
Sandra Greer, Research Director UK,
01442 870161,

Indra Uhmeier, Communications Manager,
+46 8412 1050,