Salzburg Mayor Heinz Schaden and Salzburg 2014 CEO Fedor H. Radmann presented the first wave of national sponsors for the Salzburg 2014 bid corporation in a national press conference yesterday at the Salzburg Congress.

Siemens, the world’s largest electrical engineering and electronics company, Salzburg Airport W.A. Mozart and Salzburg AG, the largest energy and infrastructure supplier in Salzburg officially signed their contracts with Salzburg 2014.

All three sponsors will provide considerable financial support to the bid as well as value-in-kind and marketing-in-kind contributions. Experts of all three sponsors will be integrated into workshops and working groups to help prepare Salzburg 2014’s detailed Candidate File. The sponsors will also be integrated into appropriate national communication and promotion of the bid.

Salzburg 2014’s continuing branding efforts started with the Candidate City decision and reached another peak with large scale banners being unveiled at Salzburg Airport and at the Salzburg AG building located next to the A1 highway.

Commenting on the unveiling of sponsors, Salzburg Mayor and head of the 2014 advisory board Heinz Schaden said: “The unveiling of our first wave of sponsors comes just ahead of the beginning of the Salzburg Festival and demonstrates the high level of corporate support for our bid and will help the Salzburg people to identify with the campaign as it develops.”