The required materials for the next stage of the 2012 Olympic Games bidding process have been completed, said the Vice-Mayor of Moscow and Chairman of the Moscow 2012 Bid Committee Valery Shantsev on Friday.

Mr Shantsev explained that Moscow must now submit these materials, the Candidature Files, with the International Olympic Committee by November 15, when the IOC will begin the formal assessment procedure.

‘From November 15, Moscow will kick-off an international communications campaign. We expect a tough and fair competition with the other Candidate Cities, but we know what has to be done’, said Vice Mayor Shantsev.

The other cities vying with Moscow to host the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are London, Madrid, New York and Paris.

‘Moscow certainly has the potential to win this bid. Russians love sport, we love attending championships, and if we win the right to host the Olympic Games in 2012, I’m sure that people will start inquiring about tickets right away!’, Mr. Shantsev added.

‘We already have a lot of knowledge and experience in ensuring a high-level of safety for competitors and spectators at big international sporting events without using excessively restrictive measures’, Mr. Shantsev pointed out when speaking about Moscow’s plans for security measures at the 2012 Games.

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