Milan, January 22, 2004 – Milan Channel, the theme television channel dedicated exclusively to AC Milan and produced by Media Partners, will celebrate 1500 days of programming on Friday, January 23.

Milan Channel was founded on December 16, 1999, transmitting on the Tele + Digital platform, as a concomitance to the century celebrations of the A.C. Milan club.

Leading the way in the number of subscribers, Milan Channel has reached its goal in the first 1500 days of programming, of 45,000 subscribers to confirm itself once again as the most followed channel dedicated to an Italian football team (following, respectively, are Inter Channel founded on September 20, 2000 and Roma Channel founded on September 27, 2000).

The subscribers, (45,000 subscriptions, amounting to a weekly average of over 160,000 viewers) are able to interact with the service thanks to an always improving involvement in the life of the channel.

The weekly viewer profile is composed of 69.5% males and 30.5% females. The age range is very interesting as it falls between the age-goups from 14 to 34 years.

The numbers have rewarded the channel’s efforts as it was always the intention to create a community who rather than passively watch television programming, prefer to participate actively in the events, taking part in promotions, using SMS texting, the telephone, the fax and sending e.mails.

Out of this, in just a few months, Milan Channel has launched a project Milan Channel Community: where, in fact, the subscriber creates their own palimpsest.

Through e-mail, SMS, telephone and fax, the subscriber can chose how to interact with topics available.

Riccardo Silva, Milan Channel chief executive

‘The partecipation of the audience in the life of the channel has led to the creation of a Milan Channel Community: the subscriber is involved in the editorial process and takes part in the programs thus building his own customized channel’.

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