South America will be hostess to the World Cup Qualifier where two men teams representing countries from the European, Caribbean and South American regions are eligible to compete for a minimum of 2 spots in the 2004 World Cup to be played in Seville, Spain, November 15 – 21, 2004.
On behalf of the International Federation of Tours, Tour de las Americas will stage the four – day qualifier which will be held at the venue El Tigre Golf Club, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, for the 3th year in a row, from September 29 – October 2, 2004.

Playing the same format as the World Cup, Fourball the first and third days, and Alternate Shots, second and final day of competition, a total of 24 two mean teams will be going against each other, in Seville, Spain.

‘For those who will come out on top and grab the minimum 2 spots available in this Qualifier, will have the opportunity to play against some of the best players in the world, representing their countries and will also have the chance to compete for the US$4 million purse, when they get to Spain in an event that belongs to the International Federation of PGA Tours’ said TLA Commissioner, Henrique Lavie.
2004 Tour de las Americas Qualifying Tournaments 
Tour de las Americas is ready to start the 2005 season hosting 2 Qualifiers in the upcoming month of October.
1.- QSchool Bonaventure C.C, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA,  October 12 – 15.
2.- QSChool Four Seasons Resort in Carmelo, Uruguay, October 19 – 22.
‘We are looking forward to this two Qualifying events, which should bring quite a few players from all over the world with the purpose to graduate and get their card for our 2005 season, which will include 6 events co-sanctioned with the European Challenge Tour’ commented Henrique Lavie, TLA Commissioner.
For more information please contact our entries department:
Juan Carlos Briceno
PGA de las Americas
Ph. 786-552-1050