ATHOC President Mrs Gianna Angelopoulos and the members of ATHOC Steering Committee held a meeting with the representatives of the Hellenic Olympic Committee (HOC) and the National Sports Federations at a downtown hotel of Athens.

Present were the President of HOC Mr Lambis Nikolaou and members of the Olympic Committee, Presidents and Secretaries General of the Sports Federations as well as the Presidents of various Organisations. The leadership of ATHOC had the opportunity to brief them and to exchange views with them on issues concerning the preparation for the 2004 Olympic Games.

In her address to sports authorities representatives, the President Mrs Gianna Angelopoulos stressed: «This is our first meeting since we have undertaken our duties and this is not a coincidence. I would like to stress that we are particularly focused on a good cooperation with the sports world of the country and the people of sports. I am particularly glad that once again, we will have the opportunity to cooperate and I sincerely thank you for your favourable response today».

Furthermore, Mrs Angelopoulos noted that «a fruitful and efficient cooperation with the world of sports is necessary, because above all the Olympic Games are Sports. Our attention will be also turned to the day after the Olympic Games; because the sporting infrastructure which will be created as well as the experience acquired from the Games, will offer the sports world of our country and the younger generations, a unique opportunity for development, prospects and future success».

ATHOC Managing Director Mr Petros Synadinos and the member of ATHOC Steering Committee Mr Spyros Kapralos also addressed the meeting.
A briefing followed, on Olympic Works lying within the responsibility of the Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works by Mrs Tilda Kiriakou, architect-engineer, Director of the Special Service for the Olympic Works, by the Secretary General of Sports Mr Giannis Sgouros on works lying within his responsibility and by Mr Costas Kalliris, President of the Hellenic Horse Racing Organisation (ODIE), on the Olympic works lying within the responsibility of ODIE.

Then, those who attended the meeting raised questions and expressed their points of view. The event was completed with the briefing by the General Director, Sports Mr Makis Assimakopoulos, on the sporting preparation for the Athens Olympic Games.

Source: ATHOC