TSE Consulting's The Academy is delighted to welcome Matthias Lüfkens to present and deliver a masterclass during its two-day conference held on June 7-8, 2017.

Matthias Lüfkens is the founder and lead author of Twiplomacy, a study which looks at how international organisations and governments use digital tools and platforms. Lüfkens leads the Digital network of Burson-Marsteller across Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) advising a wide range of Fortune 500 companies as well as non-profit organisations on the use of social media.

Social media continues to change the way people engage with organisations and consume information. In the modern day, the effective use of social media represents a unique opportunity for sports organisations to reach a truly global audience, and Lüfkens will be providing a host of practical tips to help sports organisations ensure long-term engagement rather than short-term viewership.

In a recent interview with The Academy, Lüfkens provided some insight into his views on the current use of social media by sports organisations and provided a glimpse of what participants of The Academy will gain from his session at the conference.

The Academy (TA): Some experts claim that social media is a must for sports organisations in today’s world. What are your thoughts on this?

Matthias Lüfkens (ML): Social media platforms have become an indispensable communication channel for organisations in all industries. Many sports organisations have found that they are often the best way to directly engage with their fans. But in my experience, whilst most sports organisations have social media platforms, not all have a strong presence, and this is the key to being successful. In The Academy, I will provide practical example of what sports organisations should be doing, and what they should not be doing, in order to establish this presence.

TA: In your opinion, what are the main challenges faced by sports organisations when using social media?

ML: I see three main aspects. Firstly, sports organisations may know what they want to accomplish and why, but often they don’t have a carefully thought through social media strategy, meaning they can’t plan and implement effectively. Secondly, there is a general perception that managing social media is very time-consuming, and organisations often do not value this above other aspects of their work. And thirdly, a very important challenge sports entities face is finding the right balance in connecting with a global audience on a personal level.

TA: You have a great deal of experience in doing social media rankings. Using this experience, what helps sports organisations to really stand out on social media?

ML: Many sports organisations already have social media accounts and their focus therefore should simply be on activating them in the right way. There are a number of ways this can happen, with even simple things such as the use of videos, emojis and live streaming sessions having the potential to make a huge impact. The emphasis on quality of content, as opposed to just quantity, is also a key distinguishing factor. During The Academy, I will provide an overview of what leads to an effective performance on social media, before giving the participants an opportunity to try various practical exercises.

TA: Practically, what do you think participants in The Academy will be able to learn from your presentation, and what will the group breakout exercises involve?

ML: In order to grow, sports organisations need to activate their various audiences. By using this tool effectively, organisations are able to stand out from the crowd and create awareness for the impact you create. But in order to really get the most out of social media, you have to catch the public’s eye and develop a robust and interactive audience that is continuously growing. During this session, you will learn the necessary tips that will give you the edge you need to stand out in the social sports crowd.


Matthias Lüfkens will be presenting at The Academy 2017, a unique management conference dedicated to sports leaders from around the world and across different sports who are looking to take themselves and their organisation to the next level. The Academy will be held on June 7-8 in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is organised by TSE Consulting, an international consulting firm specialised in the world of sport.

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