LONDON — Matthew Pinsent’s Olympic gold rowing medal, reported stolen from London’s Heathrow airport earlier on Friday, has been handed in to a taxi driver.

‘An unidentified man driving away from (Heathrow’s) terminal three handed the briefcase containing the medal to a taxi driver who was arriving at the airport,’ Athole Still, Pinsent’s agent, told Reuters.

The taxi driver contacted Still after finding an envelope with his address in the case.

‘He (the taxi driver) said he had a fare to Leatherhead so I told him not to worry, to take the medal back to Heathrow after Leatherhead,’ Still said.

Pinsent had the bag containing the medal, his third Olympic gold, stolen while he was waiting at Heathrow airport for his girlfriend.

The rower won the coxless fours in Sydney with five-times gold medallist Steve Redgrave.

Source: SOCOG