The Foreign Secretary has replied to a request from the ECB for advice to assist it in its review of the planned England cricket tour of Zimbabwe later this year.

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ECB Chief Executive, Tim Lamb, commented:

‘The decision the Management Board will have to take is a very difficult one and involves balancing a whole range of factors. We must do this decision justice and the Management Board feels it needs a little more time to make a thoroughly informed decision. Obviously, the Government’s explicit view on the tour will be carefully considered and we’re pleased to have it’.

The ECB Management Board will therefore adopt the following three-stage decision-making process:

1. At its meeting on January 29th it will have a full debate on Des Wilson’s detailed paper suggesting a framework for decision-making in this area;

2. It will then give the ECB Executive a month to undertake any further required analysis of the legal, financial and cricketing implications of a possible postponement of the tour, and to assemble any other additional relevant information. This will include further clarification of the Government’s position and continuing discussions with the ICC and the Zimbabwe Cricket Union;

3. At a Special Meeting before the end of February, the ECB Management Board will then take its final decision on whether or not to postpone the England tour to Zimbabwe.

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