A National Assembly committee tasked with supporting the PyeongChang 2014 bid effort has significantly bolstered the budget for a key roadway project related to the Winter Olympic bid.

The Parliamentary committee on August 7 budgeted an extra 9.8 billion won (US$10.2 million) for recovery work related to straightening of National Road 59, which runs between PyeongChang and the downhill ski racing venue at Jungbong. The road project was originally aimed for straightening a part of the road, but it has been extend to whole section road between two venues. The project work was sidelined from damage resulting from heavy rainstorms in July.

The budget decision came at the committee’s latest session, which followed an earlier inspection of transportation infrastructure and other Olympic facilities in Gangwon Province.

At a news briefing, Gangwon Governor Jin-sun KIM stressed that all storm-related recovery work at Winter Olympic venue resorts will be completed by the end of October, and the road restoration by the end of December. 

Gov. KIM, who also serves as executive president of PyeongChang 2014, said, “We are fully confident that we will be prepared for the IOC evaluation team, with support not only from the government but with cooperation of private and state-run entities such as the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency.”

The National Assembly committee, along with a newly formed support team at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, is working to guarantee that all necessary measures are taken ahead of an IOC evaluation visit to PyeongChang early next year.

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