After several months of planning, the ITTF has opened a branch office in Shanghai on 18 June 2004. The ITTF President and the Deputy Mayor of Shanghai inaugurated the new Office, titled ‘ITTF Asia Office’, during an elaborate opening ceremony attended by top government and sports officials from Shanghai, by the President of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, Mr. Xu Yinsheng, and many table tennis World Champions.

The ITTF office in Shanghai has been graciously offered by the City of Shanghai and comprises of a suite of offices including an office for the ITTF President, Mr. Adham Sharara.

The ITTF is extremely grateful to Shanghai for providing such a beautiful office that is located in the Olympic Hotel adjacent to the sports stadium of Shanghai that will be used for the 2005 World Table Tennis Championships.

The ‘ITTF Asia Office’ will be used to coordinate the ITTF activities related to the 2005 World Championships and in addition, on a long term basis, the Asia office in Shanghai will be used as a new launching pad for ITTF development activities and ITTF marketing projects.

Within the next few months the ITTF will be staffing the office in accordance with the specified needs.

The work-plan and objectives of the new ITTF office will be announced in detail in due time.

For more details contact:

Christian Veronese
+1 613 733 2468