Following approval from the ITF Board of Directors ITF Vets will be re-branded as ITF Seniors.

The ITF Seniors Committee feel that ITF Seniors is a more international term and will enable the ITF to better promote, market and develop the very popular area of Seniors Tennis throughout the world.

The terms Seniors and Super-Seniors will be used to distinguish the split in age groups 35 – 55 and 60 – 85 respectively.

With immediate effect the following titles will be used:

ITF Seniors Committee
ITF Seniors Department
ITF Seniors Circuit
ITF Seniors World Individual Championships
ITF Seniors World Team Championships
ITF Super-Seniors World Individual Championships
ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships

Anil Khanna, Chairman of the ITF Seniors Committee sees the change as a very positive and forward-thinking move by the ITF:

‘I am delighter with this initiative which aims to re-brand all areas in Seniors tennis. We believe the new terms ‘ Seniors and Super-Seniors will make our annual Team and Individual championships easier to understand and will enhance our opportunities for sponsorship success on all continents.’

The popular website launched at the beginning of 2004 will also get a name change, becoming

Any enquiries regarding the re-branding can be sent to

For more details contact:

Alex Nicholas
Communications Officer
+44 20 8878 6464