ISMP is raising funds to expand its work into a Syrian Refugee Camp

NEW YORK (April 24, 2017) – The International Sports and Music Project (ISMP) has announced its newest partnership, a soccer program at the Ritsona Refugee Camp in Chalkida, Greece. Ritsona Refugee Camp shelters roughly 750 refugees from Syria and elsewhere, who have lost their homes and family members to dangerous conflicts in their communities.

This May, ISMP is partnering with Ritsona in an effort to bring a soccer program to the kids and young adults at the camp. In order to support its initiative, ISMP is raising funds to stock the camp with the necessary resources such as soccer nets, cleats, shin guards, soccer balls, shorts and jerseys.

Refugees at Ritsona are currently receiving necessities such as food, water and medicine, but lacking expressive outlets needed to combat the daily challenges of living in a refugee camp.

“Many children around the world face significant hardship every day, and they don’t have opportunities for enjoyment and expression,” said Jason Steinberg, founder of International Sports and Music Project. “We work to uplift people by giving them the opportunity to enjoy sports and music.”

In collaboration with partners in Rwanda and Micronesia, ISMP has helped over 150 kids participate in music classes and play on sports teams. ISMP continues to nurture its current partnerships, while also creating new partnerships such as this soccer program at the Syrian refugee camp. ISMP is currently fundraising for the materials required to bring this program to fruition.

“Soccer is the most popular sport in Syria — it was a big part of many people’s lives before the Syrian Civil War began. We’re giving people the opportunity to do something they love, which creates a sense of comfort and normalcy. Soccer gives camp residents something to look forward to, and allows them to take a break from the mental and emotional exhaustion they feel every day,” Steinberg says.

About ISMP

ISMP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to using sports and music to uplift people facing hardship around the world. ISMP provides sports equipment and musical instruments to schools, shelters, orphanages and refugee camps. Together with its international partners, ISMP plans and organizes initiatives that serve as meaningful outlets for people in need. To contribute to ISMP’s efforts in Greece, please visit