It doesn’t have to be boring doing environmentally friendly motorsport. That is the theme of the Worlds First International Ecological Enduro race, run in Denmark on environmentally friendly electrical motocross motorcycles in the period of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen (December 2009).

The International Eco Enduro will be a sort of “Enduro” race for motorcycles. These are normally run as long distance races on long motocross-style tracks. It will not exactly be like that when the Eco Enduro is settled for the first time, but the name is used because the aim in the longer term is to be able to run longer zero-polluting races. And also because not only one race will be run – but several, probably three – in the period of the 8th-13th of December 2009.

Fast development
The battery’s capacity is the big limitation, but in fact the developing is happening so rapidly that the final program, current number and duration will not be determined in detail, until shortly before the International EcoEnduro occurs.

The International Eco Enduro is organized by the Danish Motor Union (member of the FIM) in cooperation with experienced clubs, Ivan Reedtz-Thott (Vice-World champion in Cross Country Quad and six times Rallye Dakar participant), Vivi Siiger and Søren Clauding (motorsport experts and holder of the media-agency, Scandinavian Racing Press). The event is also supported by “The Danish Year of Sport 2009”.

Shoot-out in Slagelse
Sunday afternoon, the 26th July 2009, the best Danish MX driver, former MX1 Grand Prix winner and factory driver, Brian Kjær Jørgensen, did the first demonstration-run on a Quantya electrical MX-competition bike in connection to the Sidecar World Championship in Slagelse (Denmark).

Brian Kjær Jørgensen said:
“A strange feeling, not to hear anything, but also a good feeling to know, that it is possible to drive without disturbing anybody with noise and without any sort of exhaust gasses let out in the atmosphere. I believe in environmental friendly motorsport and will be happy to take part in the International Eco Enduro in December.”

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