InfoLibria, Inc., and Intelsat have announced a successful demonstration of Live Edgecasting, a process that allows service providers to host live, revenue-generating Web video events, via satellite.

InfoLibria is a leading provider of Internet infrastructure solutions that enable content distribution and delivery services, and Intelsat is a major international satellite operator. The demonstration illustrates how INTELSAT’s geostationary satellite system works with InfoLibria’s content distribution systems to deliver live streaming media in near broadcast quality.

In addition, the Edgecasting technology supports on-demand requests for archival footage and tracks consumer access for billing and accountability purposes. Multicasting multimedia over satellites provides an extremely cost-effective and secure content distribution option to content and service providers.

Live Edgecasting enables live video and audio to be uplinked to a satellite network in order to bypass the congested Internet backbone. By downlinking and serving this content through MediaMall, InfoLibria’s award-winning
streaming media system, service providers can serve original-quality streams from locations close to end users, resulting in a premium viewing experience and reduced bandwidth consumption on a network. InfoLibria can build
multi-format systems to support both unicast and multicast feeds.

‘Intelsat and InfoLibria have taken a leadership role in the development of live multicasting technologies that enable large scale events to happen on the Web,’ said Chris Baugh, analyst at Pioneer Consulting.

‘As geostationary satellites become an increasingly important part of the Internet, Intelsat continues to explore new ways of delivering innovative global telecommunications services,’ said Anita Pittard, director of Marketing at Intelsat. ‘Our demonstration with InfoLibria has proven that live, high-quality streaming media can be distributed via satellite for multicast on the Web. It is an accomplishment that will open a wealth of opportunities for both content and service providers striving to improve Web services and accelerate

Live Edgecasting has several advantages over television broadcasting. Content providers are able to use Web technologies to track usage for billing purposes and to obtain information on customer behavior. End users
receive additional control over the viewing experience, including record and playback capabilities; on-screen, supplemental text content; and the ability to select a single camera view of pay-per-view event.

Kevin Lewis, senior director of marketing for InfoLibria said: ‘Imagine subscribing to a pay-per-view college football game and having 15 different camera angles to choose from instead of just one. By combining InfoLibria’s technology with Intelsat’s satellite system, we can make this happen.’

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