The Ice Hockey Superleague fully supports the farmers of the United Kingdom during the current Foot and Mouth crisis.

The Ice Hockey Superleague would strongly discourage any fan to travel from an agricultural area to a Superleague match during the current situation.

The Ice Hockey Superleague is monitoring the position on an ongoing basis with the appropriate UK Government authorities. Current advice strongly discourages travel from or through agricultural areas, which might in any way increase the possible spread of the disease. Britain’s Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food said yesterday that no sporting event should be abandoned as long as the necessary precautions were taken.

Normal urban movements by road, rail, air or ferry have not been restricted in any way and are not considered likely to increase the risk of spreading the disease.

The Ice Hockey Superleague believes that normal pursuits of going to the cinema, restaurants, bars, ice hockey matches, or indeed Westlife concerts, will not increase the risk of spreading the disease.

Any fan who is concerned about their travel to Superleague games should either consult the Foot and Mouth Hotline, or request either a refund or an alternative ticket from their event organiser.

The Ice Hockey Superleague will be arranging a variety of fundraising efforts in support of the UK’s needy farmers during their Finals in the forthcoming weeks.

Please watch out for local information as issued relative to each Superleague venue.

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