The International Cricket Council today called on anyone making claims of corruption to produce evidence to support their claims or withdraw the allegations.

ICC Chief Executive Malcolm Speed said that the speculation in the media around the current series between India and Pakistan needed to be supported by evidence if it was to be treated seriously.

‘We have all seen the opinions of various people that have been aired in the media and they all share a common theme -they are all long on speculation but short on evidence,’ said Mr Speed.

‘If these allegations are to be treated seriously the people making these claims need to substantiate their claims or withdraw them.

‘To attack the integrity of the game and the players taking part in this series without proof is entirely inappropriate and does nothing to actually address the threat of corruption.’

Mr Speed also emphasised that the ICC’s Anti Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) has the systems and people in place to detect and deal with any malpractice in any international match.

‘The ICC now has in place an experienced and well-resourced team to deal with these types of issues,’ said Mr Speed.

‘Like every match on the international calendar, every game in this series has been closely examined and a thorough report will be prepared for the ICC as it is for every international series.

‘The ACSU team is in Pakistan and it is alert to the dangers posed by the amount of betting that is taking place on these matches.

‘In this series, like every other series in international cricket, every aspect of the ICC’s comprehensive program to protect the game against corruption is being implemented.

‘The Pakistan Cricket Board and both teams have worked with the ICC to ensure that these systems are in place to protect the game and the players. For example, access to dressing rooms is strictly controlled, closed circuit television guards the entrance to changing rooms and the use of mobile phones is strictly managed.

‘With the people and processes now in place for international cricket matches the ICC has built a strong defence against the dangers of corruption.’

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