Marking another achievement in ICARUS Sports’ ongoing expansion in the world of outdoor sports, the company has signed a European distribution and broadcast agreement with the BIKE Channel.

The BIKE Channel is the first television channel totally dedicated to the world of cycling, featuring sport, adventure, legends and insights from the world of bikes. In partnership with ICARUS Sports, the BIKE Channel will broadcast the XTERRA World Championship, XTERRA Pan-American Tour, XTERRA Adventure Series, as well as extended highlights of the XTERRA European Tour across the UK and Italy.

The XTERRA events feature swimming, mountain biking and trail running, giving endurance athletes around the world a chance to race in some of the most diverse, spectacular, and challenging natural environments on the planet – from tropical jungles to snow-covered alps.

ICARUS Sports has been awarded the contract for distributing each of these high profile cycling events in European broadcast markets, and is also the production and distribution partner for the XTERRA European Tour.

“We are really ramping up our production and distribution of cycling events,” said Jason Georgaris, ICARUS Sports' Chief Executive Officer, “and our partnership with The BIKE Channel links in to our appointment as a distribution partner for these XTERRA events, as well as being the production and distribution partner for the XTERRA European Tour. ICARUS Sports has proven we deliver to our commitments, usually exceeding our goals, so it makes perfect commercial sense for events and broadcasters to partner with us. The pace of the broadcast market is intense, so events and brands need to partner with confidence, assured of exposure which will drive the sustainability of their products.”

XTERRA event info:

XTERRA World Championship – celebrating the 21st year for the XTERRA World Championship on Maui, the birthplace of off-road triathlon on 29 October.

XTERRA Pan-American Tour – a 10-stop series for both amateur and professional athletes starts 25 March 25th XTERRA Argentina and concludes on 16 September at the XTERRA Pan American Championship race in the USA.

XTERRA European Tour – a race series spanning 16 countries providing top competition for professionals and amateurs alike.

XTERRA Adventure Series – is an award-winning TV Series covering thrilling adventures, activities and events from the Hawaiian Islands and other top vacation destinations.

About ICARUS Sports

ICARUS Sports is one of the world’s leading sports management, marketing and media companies. The extensive events portfolio includes covering action footage from more than fifty events all over the world per year and distributing to a network which extends to more than 160 countries, as well as producing its own documentary series of programmes, Inside Sailing, Sailing to Tokyo, Kite Masters, The Outdoor Sports Show and Speed Catamarans GC32 Racing Tour.

ICARUS Sports’ comprehensive media services include video &  photo shooting, live-streaming, documentaries, daily TV news, media distribution and media reporting. Our innovative approach to technology ensures we capture the action whatever the angle, using balloons, on-board cameras, remote controlled helicopters and super-stabilizing technology. ICARUS Sports is the world’s leading sailing and extreme sports content provider with a total cumulative annual TV broadcast of more than 26,500 hours worldwide!

ICARUS Sports has developed its own specialized technology and manages the media production, post-production and distribution in-house. In this way, the company can satisfy fans, the general audience, the media and sponsors by tailoring its products and services.

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