The IBSF are changing the structure for holding the World Snooker Championships and now looking for a title sponsor for the next three years.

With over thirty-five countries taking part in the 2001 event to be held in Cairo, Egypt, the following benefits will be on available to any potential sponsor.

1. Full Championship and Venue Advertising

A full promotional and advertising package.

2. TV Coverage

Coverage time to be confirmed by National TV with possible Satellite interest.

Coverage arrangements also open to sponsor:

3. Full Daily Coverage on the IBSF/TSN Website

Four daily updates of results, reports and photographs will put onto the world’s biggest website in snooker.
Over 3.000.000 hits have been made on the linked sight for the months of both October and November.

4. Live Webcasting on the IBSF/TSN Website

TSN are working to improve the webcasting facilities which are being tried and tested regularly. Live webcasting will be in place as soon as possible.

5. Full recognition as the IBSF/TSN Championship Sponsor.

Sponsor recognition on all IBSF correspondence, newsletters and advertising.

The IBSF Championships, with snooker being one of the top five participation and viewer sports worldwide, represent an excellent sponsorship consideration.



The IBSF is the governing world body for billiards & snooker, with a membership of sixty-eight (68) countries from the Olympic Areas of Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Oceania.

Each Region has its own Association/Confederation, which at present has the following break down of IBSF Member Countries.

Asian Confederation – 25
European Confederation – 32
African Association – 4
Oceanic Association – 5
American Region – 2

Note. USA and Canada are at present the representatives from their Region but a number of South American countries are expected to join during 2001.

There are also a number of Eastern European countries, which will be joining up during 2001.

A target of eighty countries has been set for the end of 2001.

Each Region holds a yearly Championships, with each member country invited to send two players to the World Championships, which is hosted by an IBSF member country selected by delegates at the AGM.

The IBSF is run by a board of directors made up of two representatives from each Region, plus an elected President, Vice-President and Secretary.

The IBSF is part of the snooker division in the World Confederation of Billiard Sports, which has been created to obtain participation in the Olympic Games and other multi-sport major events. Billiard sports are now recognised by the International Olympic Committee as an official sport.


The IBSF has just signed with The Sportsmasters Network (TSN) who will be the Federation sponsor over the next three years, with first option for a further three-year period.

Two manufacturing companies within snooker also sponsor the World Championships against their products.


The IBSF hold two World Championships each year:


All snooker players, professional and non-professional are allowed to take part in the Championships, if selected by their National Associations.

The average country participation is 35-40 countries but with more possible assistance projected for members taking part in the event, the IBSF is looking for a participation level of 80% plus over the next three years.

For further information please contact:
Anthony Hull – IBSF President
Kyyhkysmäki 11 B 26
02600 Espoo
Fax. 358.9.5416757