ATHENS – Greece – On 18 August 2004, the IOC Executive Board took a decision to refer the cases of Konstantinos Kenteris, Ekaterini Thanou and Christos Tzekos to the IAAF for further action under IAAF Rules, including possible sanctions.

The IAAF Council has considered the IOC’s decision and has today appointed the IAAF Doping Review Board to conduct an Inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the lead up to and eventual withdrawal of Kenteris and Thanou from the Olympic Games in Athens on 18 August 2004.

The purpose of the Inquiry is to establish whether sufficient evidence exists to charge any person with a Doping Violation or other breach of IAAF Rules. If such evidence exists, disciplinary proceedings will be initiated in accordance with the standard procedures laid down in IAAF Rules.

The Doping Review Board Inquiry will commence immediately.

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The IAAF Communications Department at +377 93 10 88 88 or