LONDON – Podcast producer HWY61 has launched the HWY61 Network, a platform created to assist independent producers in getting their podcasts made and published.

HWY61 is now putting out the call for producers to collaborate with them in developing narrative podcast series from across a range of genre and subjects.

The key aims of the HWY61 Network are to:

• Empower independent producers who require assistance in making their podcast ideas become reality

• Play a role in growing the reach and appeal of narrative podcasts available in the UK

• Encourage producers to work with HWY61 in telling local and international stories with a British voice

• Strengthen the independent podcast landscape by producing podcasts that are unique and stand alone from traditional publishers in the UK media market

• Advise on commercial viability of podcasts and sponsorship

Producers who become part of the HWY61 Network will have free-of-charge access to a wide range of services including: assistance with developing their podcasts, scripting advice, narrative development, studio access, recording, brand development and a commercial network to monetise their content.

HWY61 will also host each podcast, guaranteeing reach across all major streaming platforms. A key aspect of the Network is that producers will maintain full ownership of their podcast.

The Network is open to all independent producers – whether they have the beginnings of an idea, a podcast that is already in production or one that is entering a new stage of production such as a new season.

Producers interested in the Network should contact Director of Podcasts, Garry

As part of launching the Network, HWY61 has also announced its first partnership, joining forces with the team behind Broadway to Brazil. A narrative podcast series, Broadway to Brazil follows the remarkable story of Corinthian-Casuals FC, England’s highest-ranked amateur football club.

Season 1 of the podcast was released in November 2017 and a follow-up season is currently in production as part of the HWY61 Network partnership. The podcast has already undergone a rebrand from season one since becoming the Network’s inaugural partner.

HWY61 has also been on hand to assist with recording new content. Broadway to Brazil will help grow HWY61’s library of original podcasts. HWY61 has four productions currently streaming, including the UK’s top-ranked NFL podcast, The Neil Reynolds Podcast.

Garry Hayes, HWY61 Creative Director, said: “We want to work with producers who have a vision, but need that extra bit of help and assistance to realise it. We’re offering producers the opportunity to collaborate with us through the Network and play a part in shaping the UK podcast industry, maintaining ownership of their podcast at the same time.

“We encourage producers of any level to reach out and discuss their plans with us. If your podcast already exists or even if you’re considering your first podcast, but don’t quite have the tools to pull it off, we want to hear from you. We want to empower voices from across the UK by giving them the tools to create the podcasts they’re passionate about.

“HWY61 is a place where independent producers, regardless of their background, can come to produce high-quality content, with compelling narratives at the heart of it. So if you have a proposal for one series or 10, get in touch. HWY61 is open for business and we hope you can join us.”

Dominic Bliss from Broadway to Brazil said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have joined the HWY61 Network. We’ve recently drawn up our plan for season 2 of Broadway to Brazil and, with the technical, marketing and production support of HWY61 behind us now, we’re confident the podcast is going to move to the next level.”

Jarek Zaba from Broadway to Brazil said: “It was a pleasure to enlighten ourselves and our listeners over the first series of Broadway to Brazil and, while I’m proud of our production, there is no doubt that our partnership with HWY61 will help take it to the next level. I’m excited about the stories we have in store, and I’m confident that this will be another must-listen for those who care about the heritage of our game, and the importance of grassroots football today.”

About HWY61 and Broadway to Brazil:

• HWY61 is an independent podcast production company that was launched in April 2020 and currently produces The Neil Reynolds Podcast, dropshot, Neil Reynolds Presents… Game Picks and Top Fives

• HWY61 will launch a slate of new narrative podcast series in early 2021, including podcasts on Bruce Springsteen, the Berlin Wall, cult 1980s teen movies, athletics and soccer

• Hosted by Jarek Zaba and Dominic Bliss, Broadway to Brazil connects the dots between the Victorian sporting legends who lit up the early years of Corinthian-Casuals’ history and a modern day side of non-league hopefuls who continue the Corinthian touring tradition to this day. It traces the enduring legacy of a club that changed world football forever, investigating why this small team from Tolworth Broadway is big news in Brazil, where the name Corinthian connects it to one of the world’s most successful football clubs

• Season 2 of Broadway to Brazil will drop in 2021 • More information on the podcast can be found online: