Denmark has appointed its four host cities for the Men’s EHF Euro 2014. The host cities are all within a range of 2 hours travel distance and still representing the major regions of the country.  The host cities were announced today at the match between Denmark and Argentina.

The Men’s Euro 2014 will be staged in Aalborg, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Herning – all Danish cities that have a long history of staging major international sports events and have the experiences of innovative event set ups involving side events.

“With the four host cities and Sport Event Denmark, we will set up an impressive celebration of handball in 2014. We look forward to providing home ground to our national team and the Danish spectators at the Men’s EHF Euro 2014 and also to inviting the 16 participating nations into the Danish handball culture. Similarly, we are also planning to run seminars and workshops towards the championships also for nations that do not qualify for the event,” says Per Bertelsen, President, Danish Handball Federation.

With the Men’s EHF Euro 2014 there are gigantic handball festivities in the lineup all across Denmark and with ambitions of staging even more handball championships in the future:
“Men’s EHF Euro 2014 is a great event for Denmark. Denmark hasn’t staged any finals in men’s handball for more than 30 years.

Denmark has a strong handball culture and has over the years become a strong event partner of various major international sports events. Based on the event experiences the Danish Handball Federation, the four host cities and Sport Event Denmark will display the unique Danish Handball culture and make an impressive event set up spiced up with a wide range of side events. We hope to do this so well that Denmark can become host of Men’s World Championships in near future,” says Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark that partner the event.

Editor’s Note
Men’s EHF Euro 2014 will be staged form 12th of January to 26th of January 2014 in four host cities with 16 participating nations:

• Aalborg, Gigantium (Preliminary)
• Copenhagen, Broendby Hallen (Preliminary)
• Aarhus, NRGi Arena (Preliminary, main )
• Herning, Jyske Bank Boxen (Preliminary, main and final)

Denmark is defending champions. Men’s EHF Euro 2012 was staged in Serbia. Denmark defeated Serbia.

Men’s EHF Euro has been organized since 1994 and is staged every two years. Denmark won bronze in 2002, 2004 and 2006. In 2008 Denmark took the gold medals.

Men’s EHF Euro 2014 is the first Men’s European Championship on Danish soil ever and the first Men’s finals since the World Championships in 1978.

Danish Handball Federation is hosting the Men’s EHF Euro 2014 for the European Handball Federation. Sport Event Denmark partners the event.

Per Bertelsen, president, Danish Handball Federation. Mobile +45 21 48 06 66
Lars Lundov, CEO, Sport Event Denmark. Mobile +45 40 31 48 55