Moutier, June 30, 2004: Olympic Solidarity (OS) has just published its annual report, an exhaustive document relating in figures the numerous successfully completed projects brought to fruition by the institution. OS closely collaborated with the National Olympic Committees (NOC) and the International Federations in the very particular context of a pre-Olympic year dominated by
qualifying events for the Olympic Games.

Created in 1971, Olympic Solidarity is the body responsible for the administration of shares of
television rights generated by the Olympic Games and reserved for the National Olympic
Committees and their athletes, depending on the international or continental sports development
projects. On the budget in 2003: 54,686,000 US Dollars. 93% of this is invested directly into
international or continental programmes, notably as scholarships for athletes, coaches and sports

In 2003, 192 NOCs solicited Olympic Solidarity, who in turn granted 889 scholarships. Gymnastics
obtained 42 (Asia 10, Africa 4, America 11, Europe 23). 9 technical training courses were set up
with the aim of developing training programmes for coaches. Like athletes, coaches are a main
concern of Olympic Solidarity’s activity.

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