A film festival in a duck, wheelchair acrobatics and dance, giant puppets, dancing cows and singing sharks, Cuban drummers and syncopated Australian songsters will add to the excitement level at Sydney Olympic Park during the Paralympic Games in October.

Invincible Summer, the innovative program for the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Arts Festival, was launched today by Lois Appleby, Chief Executive of the Sydney Paralympic Organising Committee, Leo Schofield, Artistic Director, and Festival artists and performers.

The Festival runs from 13 to 29 October and involves artists with and without a disability.

Leo Schofield says, ‘Sydneysiders and visitors cheering on Paralympians from 125 countries will also be entertained and inspired by a unique program of theatre, music, dance, comedy, art and street performance.’

Lois Appleby says, ‘The program for Invincible Summer transcends language and celebrates diversity without barriers. Artists from over 20 countries are taking part in an arts festival which will complement the sporting spectacle of the Paralympic Games.’

City based performances include the Paralympic Games Gala Concert at the Sydney Opera House with Bernard d’Ascoli, France’s virtuoso pianist who is blind, Choral Sea 2000 with over 500 massed voices celebrating Sydney’s diversity.

The Seymour Theatre Centre will host a remarkable program of comedy, theatre and dance involving artists with a disability including Victoria’s Back to Back Theatre, Canadian Alan Shain and David Roche from the United States..

At exhibitions of visual, tactile and sound arts visitors can see, hear and feel works of art from the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Sweden, Brazil, Vietnam, Japan, Egypt and the Czech Republic, as well as leading Australian talents.

To obtain a copy of the full program for Invincible Summer, the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Arts Festival, call 13 63 63, TTY 02 9212 5950, email paralympic_arts@socog.com.au or visit www.sydney.paralympic.org.

To buy your Day Pass ($15/$8 concession) to the fun and games at Sydney Olympic Park call 1300 364 024, TTY 02 9212 5950, or visit your nearest box office.

Tickets to the City Performance Program are available from the Seymour Theatre Centre on 02 9351 7940, the Sydney Opera House on 02 9250 7777 or TTY 02 9250 7347.

Source: SOCOG