The English Volleyball Association (EVA) has appointed Goodform Ltd, the specialist sports sales and marketing company, to prepare a new marketing strategy for the sport in England.

Goodform started the project in August and are due to present their final report in October. The EVA are seeking an analysis of existing marketing activity and in particular a plan for future activity. Volleyball is amongst the top five world sports for participation with 218 countries affiliated to the (FIVB), the international governing body. However in England it does not enjoy the participation levels and profile that the sport enjoys in many other countries.

EVA Chief Executive Toomas Ojasoo said; ‘Goodform stood out in the tender process as a specialist in sales & marketing in the sports industry, who have helped other governing bodies like ourselves such as Netball and Badminton. We also liked their very practical approach, and the depth of their specific experience in marketing a variety of sports over a number of years’.

Goodform’s Managing Director, Stuart Dalrymple said; ‘We are delighted to have been appointed by the EVA. Our focus will be to help the governing body to dramatically improve its profile and the image of the sport. It has a good base of players, and an exciting opportunity with the growth of Beach Volleyball which we will be exploring for the wider benefit of the sport.’

For any queries, contact Jane Dawes on 01926 458 180