Conceptum Sport Logistics for Wings for Life with the German Bob Team Coach Christoph Langen

Frankfurt/Ruhpolding, September 11, 2012 Golfing for Charity – with the event and sports logistics team from Conceptum Sport Logistics there for the tee-off ( Together with other teams, Sebastian Stahl and his team of logistics experts have pledged their support for the fifth Wimmer Carbontechnik Open Wings for Life event (, a foundation committed to research in paraplegia. Every penny counts when it comes to researching spinal cord injury, a fate that has even afflicted athletes – another reason for Sebastian Stahl to support the foundation: “Our disabled athletes may have put in a great performance at the Paralympics, but research into the causes for prevention and cure is still important and needs funding. We want to do our bit,” said the CEO of Conceptum Sports Logistics.

Four Wimmer Open events have shown that you can indeed combine a good cause with good fun. Wimmer Carbontechnik ( is a specialist in fibre-reinforced material processing, a manufacturing discipline with an obvious role in sports with modern materials used in all kind of disciplines besides winter and racing sports; Sebastian Stahl’s logistics experts often transport products from Wimmer Carbontechnik. Apart from racing, clients include the German skiing and bob teams, and German bob team coach and Conceptum Sport customer Christoph Langen will also be in Ruhpolding to support the event.

This time, the transport would not pose that much of a challenge according to Conceptum Sport Logistics boss Stahl: “A golf bag is no big deal for us at Conceptum – we’re usually talking about complete team kits with all the bells and whistles,” said the seasoned cultural event logistics expert. “Athletes need to be able to put a lot of confidence into the people handling their mostly costly and personal sports gear. We’ve put a lot into earning this confidence, and we’re always there at the competitions to take care of the teams in person.” Travelling around the world to the remotest of destinations using a network of offices across the globe is all part of the job.