NEW YORK CITY and PONTE VEDRA BEACH, FL – Golf Digest Publications and the PGA TOUR announced today that they have entered an exclusive multi-year marketing partnership in the magazine category, effective in January 2006.

Through the agreement, the print properties of Golf Digest Publications will become the only consumer golf magazines recognized as Official Tour Partners, other than the PGA TOUR Partners Club publication, PGA TOUR Partners Magazine.

“Golf Digest has been a terrific partner of the TOUR in recent years and we are extremely pleased to strengthen the affiliation between these two great golf brands for the benefit of our fans and sponsors,” said Tom Wade, the PGA TOUR’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We believe this broad marketing partnership will be particularly effective in furthering our corporate partners’ ability to connect with golf fans and leverage their involvement with the PGA TOUR.”

Golf Digest Publications will provide PGA TOUR sponsors with a unique opportunity to utilize the extensive publishing and marketing assets of Golf Digest, Golf World and Golf for Women magazines. Opportunities include custom advertising, advertorials, special sections and integrated marketing programs within the magazines.

“We’re prepared to bring our substantial assets to bear in assisting PGA TOUR sponsors with optimizing their investment in the PGA TOUR,” said Mitchell B. Fox, President of Golf Digest Publications and an Officer in its umbrella company, Condé Nast Publications. “This partnership enables TOUR sponsors to call upon the formidable resources of the largest and most sophisticated media and marketing company in the game.”

About Golf Digest Publications
Golf Digest Publications is a division of Condé Nast Publications and includes Golf Digest, GolfWorld, Golf For Women, GolfWorld Business,, Golf Digest Research Resource Center, Golf Digest International, Golf Digest Sports Marketing, the Database of Golf in America, Golf Digest Schools, Golf Digest Licensing & Publishing and The Wrenfield Group, the second largest benefactor of the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

About the PGA TOUR
The  PGA  TOUR  is  a  tax-exempt  membership  organization of professional golfers.   Its   primary   purpose   is  to  provide  competitive earnings opportunities  for  past,  current  and  future  members of  the PGA  TOUR, Champions  Tour  and Nationwide Tour; to protect the integrity of the game; and to help grow the reach of the game in the U.S. and around the world.

Nearly  110  events  are  being  contested  on the three Tours in 2005, for approximately  $320  million  in  prize  money.   In  addition to providing competitive  opportunities  for  its  membership, TOUR events also generate significant  sums  of money for charity.  TOUR events have raised more than $990 million for charity since 1938, the first year such records were 
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