Global Sportnet, the Hamburg based sportsmarketing agency has signed a 5-year contract with Juventus FC, one of the most popular and well known football clubs in the world, to become the exclusive agency for the club’s international television and advertising rights to European Cup matches.

The contract will cover any European Cup match played by Juventus excluding the club’s Champions League matches. Global Sportnet will market these rights worldwide outside of Italy.

The deal underlines Global Sportnet’s position as one of the leading players in European sports marketing. Commenting on the deal, Thomas Martens Chairman & CEO at Global Sportnet said:

‘This is the most significant step that we have made in securing our position in the European market which demonstrates that we are serious about expanding into the big football nations such as Italy. The partnership with Juventus puts us in a strong position towards fulfilling our ambition to become a dominant marketing force in football nations such as Italy too.

Over the coming months we believe to secure further contracts with Serie-A clubs and other major football clubs in different countries, not only in the domaine of television rights.’ Recently GSN has signed Spanish UEFA Cup participant Rayo Vallecano and has extended its partnership with SL Benfica to the worldwide television rights outside of Portugal of Benfica´s league matches.

Romi Gai, Director of Marketing and Commercial Affairs, says: ‘We have signed this contract in order to further promote Juventus’ image all over the world. As a matter of fact, Juventus considers the brand awareness as one of its most important aims and this is the reason why Global Sportnet and Juventus FC are joining today with this agreement.’

Global Sportnet is one of the leading sportsmarketing agencies in Europe focusing on European football. Founded in 1995 the company has initially focused on the marketing of television and advertising rights to European Cup matches and to World Cup and European Championship qualifiers. Today Global Sportnet is partner to more than 100 football clubs and various associations and is currently diversifying its activities into other sports and areas of business.

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