Brussels – November 30 2000 – The VIA is very pleased to announce that Global Sportnet has joined the VIA to become a new Member.

Global Sportnet, based in Hamburg Germany, is one of the leading sports marketing agencies in Europe focusing on European football. Founded in 1995 the company has initially focused on the marketing of television and advertising rights to European Cup matches and to World Cup and European Championship qualifiers. Today Global Sportnet is partner to more than 100 football clubs and various associations and is currently diversifying its activities into other sports and areas of business.

The VIA is an Alliance of the major players of the virtual imaging industry who own, use, or sell Virtual Imaging systems (Symah Vision, Orad, PVI, ISL, Global Sportnet).
VIA represents the interests of its Members and promote the use of Virtual Imaging for the mutual benefit of all parties involved: Sport Bodies and their appointed Right Holders, Broadcasters and Sponsors.

Today the Virtual Imaging Alliance (VIA) is the first point of contact for regulators who wish to talk to the industry.

Contact: Stéphane Desselas – VIA Spokesman – 32 2 230 70 20, Fax – 32 2 230 50 43,,