Barcelona, SPAIN (28 June 2004) – Marshall Glickman, former president of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, announced today the formation of G2 Strategic, LLC. G2 provides global sports business solutions, addressing a broad range of issues and opportunities faced by the sports and entertainment industries. G2 stands for ‘Glickman Global,’ as an acronym of its founder and CEO, Marshall Glickman and the firm’s focus on an international client base.

As President of the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers and the Oregon Arena Corporation, Glickman orchestrated the construction of the $262 million Rose Quarter complex. He also has served as Chairman and CEO of Portland Family Entertainment, a firm he founded to oversee the $38 million renovation of a historic outdoor stadium, which was transformed to a modern, multi-purpose outdoor venue while maintaining its old school charm.

Since 1995, Glickman has served as a consultant to a range of clients, including architects (Ellerbe Becket, NBBJ), sports franchises (Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors), construction companies (Clark Construction Group), developers (Bechtel) and professional sports leagues (Euroleague). With the launch of G2 Strategic, Glickman will focus on formulating business development strategies for an expanding client base, which is anchored by his recent announcement of an extension with Euroleague Basketball, S.L. (which is the top pan-European basketball league).

‘Marshall is a true student of marketing, sales and brand building,’ said NBA Commissioner David Stern. ‘His creativity and business acumen will serve his clients well, on both sides of the Atlantic.  He understands better than most that ‘globalization’ has come to sports with intensity.’

Glickman, recently quoted in a ‘Globalization of Sports’ story in the June 14th issue of Sports Illustrated, has served as a full-time consultant for Euroleague Basketball since December, 2002.

Under Glickman, the league launched the Euroleague Ticketing Program, which provides intensive workshops related to increasing attendance and income from ticket sales for 10 participating clubs. Glickman is also playing a major role in advising the Euroleague on its future direction in television, sponsorship sales, licensing, the Euroleague Final Four and general business development.

‘I am very fortunate to have been able to live and work in Spain and do business throughout Europe,’ notes Glickman. ‘I expect that Europe will go through a major renaissance in sports business over the next decade and even though Europe lags behind the U.S. on some levels, pro clubs in Europe also have deep community roots, tremendous fan avidity and unlimited passion. I intend to capitalize on that by combining my understanding of the commercial opportunity with values and perspectives that are ‘uniquely European.’’

Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu said, ‘Marshall has provided us with innovative and forward-thinking advice, while at the same time, he has adjusted very well to the realities of Europe. I think he will find great success with his new firm here in Europe and his global perspectives will also well serve his U.S. clients.’

G2 expects to make additional client announcements in the next several months.G2 Strategic will be based in Boston, Massachusetts, with offices set to open in September. A new website, will also be launched in mid-September.

For more details contact:

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