(LONDON) – The Freestyle Football Federation (F3) has commissioned an exciting team of young animated characters from Northern Creative Studio to globally promote its fast-growing sport emphasizing ball skills and imagination.

The partnership is launching ahead of the World Freestyle Football Championships taking place in London on October 22, 2014. 

F3’s slogan is "All You Need Is A Ball" and the new characters embody the free-wheeling fun spirit of freestyle. The first of the new characters are Anton, who’s too cool for school, and the sparkplug Max. 

“We are really tickled to be kicking off a partnership to tell the freestyle story online and via social media,” said Northern Creative Studio founder Mark Solomon, who was the editor of Hollywood animated features such as Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie and Chicken Run. 

“Freestyle is all about engaging with young people as participants and audiences and, working with the F3, we’ve created characters they can identify with. Anton and Max are thrilled to have been picked for the team!”

“Our sport isn’t football, it’s freestyle and it’s fun – and these new characters capture that spirit for digital media,” said F3 President Daniel Wood. “Freestylers are individuals, they’re creative and they’re passionate about the ball. With Anton, Max and their teammates, Northern Creative Studio is giving us characters who are just like our players – they live for freestyle and play anywhere.” 

The World Freestyle Football Championships, featuring the world’s top 16 freestyle footballers, will take place at Indigo at the O2 in London from 5pm-9pm on October 22. 

Tickets are available for only £10. Booking is now open at www.axs.com.

About The Freestyle Football Federation 

The Freestyle Football Federation is the ‘not for profit’ governing body of Freestyle Football and has a network of over 90 countries and over 3,000 registered members. Its F3 World Tour is a series of World Championship events visiting major cities around the world. The participants are the top 16 freestyle football athletes in the world today, as determined by the World Rankings published by the F3 at the end of each year. 

More information is available at www.f3worldtour.com 

About Northern Creative Studio 

Founded by Hollywood animation veteran Mark Solomon, Northern Creative Studio delivers the enduring appeal of character-based animation for promotional campaigns, major events and other public or web-based initiatives. The company, in close consultation with clients, provides everything from writing, design, and storyboards, to the final animation, sound and music. To learn more, visit http://northerncreativestudio.com/ 

For further information, contact Jay Stuart jay@northerncreativestudio.com 

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