McLaren and Bloomberg are pleased to announce the formation of an extensive Partnership. Bloomberg will provide support and integrated information systems to the TAG McLaren Group’s Technology Centre, currently under construction in Woking, England, and to the West
McLaren Mercedes Communications Centre which is making its debut at this weekend’s San Marino Grand Prix. Both facilities will have access to up-to-date business news from around the world 24 hours a day.

‘As an international news and information organisation Bloomberg is an ideal Partner for the TAG McLaren Group,’ said Ron Dennis, Chairman and CEO. ‘Our commitment to excellence and a recognition of the requirements from the team, our Partners and the media for continuous and accurate information meant that we began developing the Communications Centre concept over two years ago. I’m delighted that West McLaren Mercedes and Bloomberg are able to introduce this new facility at the San Marino Grand Prix as well as announcing the Partnership with the TAG McLaren Technology

‘Bloomberg is pleased to enter into a Partnership with McLaren. Both our organisations take great pride in being pioneers in our respective fields and believe that communication is vital to success,’ said Lex Fenwick, CEO,
Bloomberg. ‘The Partnership will see our systems and services extensively used throughout the McLaren organisation at their new headquarters and our involvement with the Communications Centre should provide a flavour of this. As an information provider, news and media company serving customers around the world we ensure that everybody can remain fully in touch with the global market place 24 hours a day.’

Bloomberg provides news, data and analysis to the business community throughout the world and was founded by Michael R. Bloomberg in 1981. The company provides real-time pricing, historical pricing, indicative data,
analytics and electronic communications. Bloomberg media includes television, radio, publishing and internet operations worldwide.

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