British events CIC* Lincolnshire due to take place on 18/19 March, CIC*/** Gatcombe on 24/25 March and CIC */** Somerley Park on 28/29 March have been cancelled due to their proximity to confirmed outbreak areas of Foot and Mouth disease.

The Disease is caused by a highly infectious virus easily transported by humans, vehicles and horseboxes. While horses are not susceptible to infection by Foot and Mouth Disease and cannot act as a virus reservoir, they may be involved in spreading infection by mechanically carrying the virus on rugs and hooves.

Therefore to prevent spread of the disease the strictest hygienic and disinfection measures should apply to any horses, humans and vehicles that may have been possibly exposed to the virus. Several organisers in the mainland of Europe have expressed considerable concern with regard to horses from England, Scotland or Northern Ireland scheduled to participate in their events.

France Agricultural Ministry has stopped all animals’ movement, including horses, in the country until further notice.

The FEI has asked GBR NF to consider a voluntary withdrawal of riders scheduled to compete at international shows in the next few weeks. The British Equestrian Federation had already issued recommendations for national competitions and took immediate action by advising British riders to withdraw from competitions involving a movement of horses out of Great Britain. Moreover the Federation published recommendations for the riders to assist in eradicating the Foot and Mouth Disease in Great Britain on its website, where you can find regular update on the British and European situation. Andrew Finding, GBR NF Chief Executive can be contacted for more information at

Last minute: we have just been informed today that Puncheston CCI***/CCI** Organising Committee has decided this morning to change it’s end of April date, due to the fact that many riders would have extreme difficulty in getting their horses ready for a CCI*** / CCI** in May, or indeed obtaining the necessary qualifications. A new date will be communicated as soon as available.

For further information contact:

Muriel Faienza
FEI Communications
T 41 21 310 47 47
F 41 21 310 47 60