Nike recently unveiled a revolutionary new shoe – the Air Presto – which comes in only five sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) but fits all feet. Comfortable and supportive, the Nike Air Presto represents a revolutionary approach to fit, comfort and sizing in a lightweight running shoe.

‘The Presto has revolutionised the concepts of comfort and fit for athletic shoes,’ said Ken Black, Olympic Creative Director, Nike Inc. ‘In designing the shoe we wanted to achieve two things – to make athletics shoes comfortable and to make them last. Everyone, regardless of their athletic ability, should be able to feel comfortable in these shoes and feel confident of a custom fit that moulds to the shape of the individual foot without costing the earth.’

Each member of the Australian Olympic and Paralympic Teams will receive the Air Presto in their training kits. Whilst the team colour is not available at retail stores, consumers have a range of 12 colours to choose from.

By combining proven technologies in a variety of colours, Presto is suitable for the entire family:

Made to Measure – The dynamic stretch mesh upper and engineered support cage ensure ultracomfort and support your feet where you need it most. Midfoot support and a custom fit are delivered through the support cage by adjusting the laces to suit the individual.
Walking on Air – An air-cushioned heel coupled with a lightweight phylon midsole ensures shock absorption to provide a smooth ride to cushion and protect your feet – impervious to attack from water and microbials.
Time to get Tough – The Duralon Waffle Outsole provides a tough wearing outsole with vertical and horizontal flex grooves for traction, and the BRS 1000 carbon rubber heel provides extra strong durability.

‘The Air Presto allows your foot to flex, move and grow, all the time providing maximum comfort,’ said Mr Black. ‘In designing the Olympic Uniforms over the past two years it has become increasingly apparent that athletic equipment should complement the individual and not distract them from the competition – the game or the race. The Presto is for the athlete in all of us, so that we can get on in running the race of life not only in style, but in comfort.’

For further information contact Sophie Blue (02 9818 0949, 0416 006 821), Ty Jernstedt (02 9818 0957), Donna Tout (02 9818 0913) or Claire Sharpe (02 9818 0948, 0412 064 384) at Professional Public Relations.

Source: Australian Olympic Committee