With respect to an ongoing dispute regarding the eligibility of Dr Edgardo Codesal (Mexico) as a candidate for the CONCACAF presidency, FIFA General Secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen confirms that today he received a fax from his counterpart at CONCACAF and member of the FIFA Executive Committee, Chuck Blazer (USA).

The fax from CONCACAF came as a reaction to a letter from the FIFA General Secretary in which he indicated that a meeting of the FIFA Bureau of the Committee for Legal Matters was to be called to study the situation with respect to the case of Dr Codesal.

The decision to convene this meeting was taken in compliance with requests received from UEFA (letter received from UEFA President Lennart Johansson on behalf of Europe), in the name of the African members from CAF (letter received from CAF President Issa Hayatou) and a fax from FIFA Vice President Dr Chung.

At its meeting on 8 March the FIFA Executive Committee, after hearing Chuck Blazer, was of the opinion that the matter was to be dealt with by CONCACAF. Following this decision, the Mexican Football Association contacted FIFA and its Executive Committee, bringing new elements to its attention, which prompted the above-mentioned members to request the matter be reopened.

The FIFA General Secretary reached the conclusion that the request from the members of the Executive Committee involved needed to be carried out.

CONCACAF, however, strongly protested against such a meeting, which has now been cancelled in accordance with instructions today from the FIFA President. The FIFA President stated that only the full Executive Committee had the right to revert to a previous Executive Committee decision.

At the same time, the FIFA President added that Mexico FA should be instructed first to await the outcome of a CONCACAF Executive Committee meeting that it should request before eventually referring the matter to FIFA. The Mexican FA has been informed accordingly.

Regarding the allegations that FIFA General Secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen has been involved in discussions with CONCACAF on the subject of Mr. Hayatou’s candidature for the FIFA presidency, the FIFA General Secretary wishes to make it quite clear that he has in no way made any such move and reserves the right to take appropriate action to defend himself against persons spreading such unfounded allegations.

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