Today, Thursday, 15th February 2001, sees the start of ticket sales for FIFA 2002 World Cup(tm) final competition.
FIFA has devised a new type of ticket, with genuine football fans around the world in mind.

The new Team Specific Tickets (TSTs) give fans the chance to buy tickets to see their team all the way through to the final, or as far as it may progress in the final competition due to be held in Korea and Japan from 31 May to 30 June 2002.

Fans can buy a series of from three tickets, one for each of the group round matches, up to a series of seven match tickets, which would go all the way to the final. If, during the qualifying competition ending in November 2001,
the fan’s choice team fails to qualify for the final competition then successful ticket applicants will get a refund of the amount paid, less a handling fee of between USD18 – USD 45 per series, depending upon the type of ticket ordered. At a later stage prior to the final competition, tickets for individual matches will also be available.

In the past, tickets used to be sold for venues only and fans had to hope that their team was ultimately drawn to play there.

The details of the ticket sales are outlined in a comprehensive Ticket Application Form, which can be accessed via the official website for the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan(tm) at

For the 2002 FIFA World Cup(tm) a total of three million tickets will be available. 1.3 million tickets will go on sale to the domestic general public in Korea and Japan, whereas 1.5 million tickets will be sold internationally, with 880,000 tickets going to the international general
public and the participating national associations, and 620,000 to FIFA commercial affiliates and rights holders.

The latter will make these tickets available to the public as well through, for example, consumer promotions,
public contests and lotteries. Another 200,000 tickets will go to FIFA officials, the FIFA delegation, media and observers.

The face value of tickets in the lowest category range from USD60 to USD300 for the final match. For the highest category, prices are from USD150 at group matches to USD750 in the final game.

The ticketing policy will offer all fans equal and fair access to tickets and also accommodation and other related services if they wish so. Contrary to past FIFA World Cups(tm), each element for a unique experience at the FIFA World Cup – tickets, accommodation and travel – will be sold

The 2002 FIFA World Cup(tm) Ticketing Bureau will implement FIFA’s ticketing policy and undertake all international ticket sales on behalf of the world governing body of football:

2002 FIFA World Cup(tm) Ticketing Bureau
Phone: +44-870/123 2002
Fax: +44-870/124 2002

Applications in the initial phase will not be treated on a first-come,first-served basis but dealt with equally and shall be subject to security, multiple application and other checks before being processed.

For further information, please contact:

FIFA Media Office
Tel: +41 1 254 9725