At the World Games Kaohsiung 2009, Carole FERRIOU (FRA) joined the double winners circle after her victory in 2001. The other gold medallists are Viktor WUNDERLE and Kevin WILKEY (USA), Petra GOEBL (AUT), Giuseppe SEIMANDI and Eleonora STROBBE (ITA).

Kaohsiung (TPE) – 26 July 2009
The four targets for the final matches were at the entrance of the Chengching Lake Park. A very nice location that allowed the spectators to see all the targets of the finals. The archers shot 4*3 arrows, show was great in front of an enthusiastic crowd!

Recurve Men
Gold medal – No. 1 Vic WUNDERLE (USA) – No. 3 Michelle FRANGILLI (ITA)
The dream did not come true for FRANGILLI. He had a great run all the way to the final but he did not repeat as a World Games winner. WUNDERLE was too strong this week. He shot a magnificent final with 6-5-5, 6-6-4, 6-5-5 and 6-4-4 to take gold with the score of 62-55. The American finally got a well deserved major individual title in his long career!

Bronze medal – No. 4 Yuki SAKAEYAMA (JPN) – No. 2 Sebastian ROHRBERG (GER)
ROHRBERG had the best start, 15-13, but the Japanese tied it on the second target with 16-14. The intermediate scores were at 29-29. Moreover SAKAEYAMA took a one point lead 40-39 in the third. However, the world champion ROHRBERG gave it all in the last end with 5-4-3, while the Japanese had 3-4-3. The German added another medal to his collection, 51-50!

Recurve Women
Gold medal – No. 1 Jessica TOMASI (ITA) – No. 3 Carole FERRIOU (FRA)
The 2001 World Games winner and three times individual world champion during the 90s(!), FERRIOU continued her great run in Kaohsiung at the first target of the final, She scored 6-6-4. She took a 3-point lead 16-13, which she kept after six arrows (29-26). Both archers did 13 points in the third end, and 12 points in the last end. Therefore, FERRIOU won the World Games for the second time, 54-51!!

Bronze medal – No. 4 Lisa UNRUH (GER) – No. 2 Naomi FOLKARD (GBR)
Both archers were neck-to-neck after two targets. UNRUH had 14-14 and FOLKARD did 14-13. Total 28-27 for UNRUH. Then the German increased her lead at 42-38. However UNRUH lost it in the last target. She had 3-2-3, while FOLKARD had 6-3-4 to clinch bronze by one point, 51-50!

Compound Men
Gold medal – No. 3 Kevin WILKEY (USA) – No. 4 Alessandro LODETTI (ITA)
LODETTI had a perfect start with 6-6-6 and took a 1-point lead, 18-17. However, the Italian dropped too many points on the second target with 5-5-4. At the same time, it was the turn of the American to be perfect and he led 35-32. He did not let anything go in the last two ends with 6-5-5 and 6-6-5 to clinch the gold 68-65!

Bronze medal – No. 1 Chris WHITE (GBR) – No. 2 Sander DOLDERMAN (NED)
It was not easy but WHITE, the favourite, had himself a medal. He started well with 6-6-5 and 6-6-5, but DOLDERMAN did even better with 6-6-5 and 6-6-6 to lead 35-34. However the Dutch had trouble with the third target. He did 5-4-4 and the Briton had 5-5-5 to take the lead, 49-48. Nevertheless WHITE could not conclude in regulation. He finished with 5-4-6 while DOLDERMAN had 6-5-5 to tie it at 64-64! The first arrow of the shoot-off was a 6 for both archers! Finally, WHITE prevailed 6-5 with the second arrow. The Dutch has been unlucky today losing two tie-breaks. Bronze for WHITE!

Compound Women
Gold medal – No. 3 Inge ENTHOVEN (NED) – No. 4 Petra GOBEL (FRIEDL) (AUT)
Both archers had 17 on the first target and then ENTHOVEN took a 1-point lead at 32-31 on the second end with a nice 6-6-4. However the Dutch suffered on this famous third target of the finals, which gave a lot of troubles to many archers. ENTHOVEN scored 4-4-4, while GOEBL had 5-5-4 to take the lead at 46-45. Both archers finished with a 14 in the last end, therefore GOEBL won the World Games, 60-59! After the bronze in 2005, she earned herself a gold medal!

Bronze medal – No. 1 Ivana BUDEN (CRO) – No. 2 Gladys WILLEMS (BEL)
These two, who usually shine in the outdoor target archery at 70 meter, showed this week that they can adapt to a field competition. WILLEMS started this bronze medal match with a perfect 6-6-6 (the first of the day) to take a 2-point lead, 18-16. However BUDEN was more consistent during the match with ends of 16-16-17 and 16. She progressively overtook WILLEMS to win 65-63. Bronze for BUDEN! Another medal in her promising career!

Barebow Men
Gold medal – No. 1 Giuseppe SEIMANDI (ITA) – No. 2 Pasi AHJOKIVI (FIN)
SEIMANDI dominated the whole week and kept shooting strong with 6-6-5 and 6-5-4. AHJOKIVI was also shooting well with 6-5-5 and 5-4-4 but he trailed 29-32. The Finnish archer even raised his level on the third end. He did 5-5-3, while the Italian had 5-3-2. The scores were tied at 42-42! SEIMANDI, the favourite, managed to shot his better arrows when it was needed. He concluded with 5-5-5 to take gold 57-53.

Bronze medal – No. 3 Sergio M. CASSIANI (ITA) – No. 4 Martin OTTOSSON (SWE)
CASSIANI had a strong second end of 6-4-4 to take the lead 26-21. CASSIANI was the first one to master the target no. 3. He had 6-4-4 and took a decisive advantage on OTTOSSON, 40-31. The Italian concluded with 4-4-5 to win the bronze 53-45.

Barebow Women
Gold medal – No. 1 Eleonora STROBBE (ITA) – No. 3 Christine GAUTHE (FRA)
STROBBE had the best start and to take the advantage on the first two targets (13-11, 14-11), 27-22. GAUTHE made up one point in the third target but that was not so much and she still trailed 35-39. STROBBE finished with 5-5-3 to clinch gold, 52-45!

Bronze medal – No. 4 Julie ROBINSON (USA) – No. 2 Monika JENTGES (GER)
The World Games 2005 winner, JENTGES had the best start in this bronze medal match. She led 13-12 and then 24-21. The third target was difficult for both archers. ROBINSON had a tow misses and a 5, while JENTGE had 3-3-1. She kept the lead, 31-26 and clinched it at the end, 41-38. Another medal the German!
A lot of joy for these World Games!

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