87,528 items have been made for Australian Olympic and Paralympic athletes, in 29 different sports.

253 uniform styles have been designed for the Australian team.

72% of all Nike Olympic apparel is for the Australian teams.

Over 50 designers created the uniforms over a six-month period.

It takes over 2 hours to complete the embroidery of the Australian crest on the Award Ceremony Suit.

It took a total of 228 days from the first Nike/AOC meeting to the first product delivery.

58% of all Nike-produced licensed product is made in Australia; 42% of the Australian uniforms are produced in Australia.

The largest uniform for the Australian teams is – 6XL.
The smallest uniform for the Australian teams is – XXXS.
The average size uniform for the Australian teams is a Large.

The largest foot size for the Australian teams is – 19.
The smallest foot size for the Australian teams is – 5.
Global Olympic Uniform

Over 2000 athletes will compete in Nike products at the Olympics, representing 22 countries and 67 teams.

Approximately 121,000 items have been made by Nike for Olympic athletes from around the world.

Over 70 designers created Nike Olympic products over a two-year period.

Over 100 athletes were consulted in the uniform design process including Cathy Freeman, Marion Jones and Maurice Green.

The women’s indoor volleyball top is 50% lighter than the previous version: 143.42g compared to 295g.

Nike has designed the Olympic uniforms for:

– Australia – Lithuania
– Brazil – Mozambique
– Burundi – Morocco
– Canada – Nigeria
– Cayman Islands – Poland
– China – Portugal
– Denmark – Russia
– Finland – Slovakia
– Germany – South Korea
– Italy – United States
– Kenya – Yugoslavia

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Source: Australian Olympic Committee