Extreme Sports Channel has added nearly 1 million extra households to its reach through a series of deals across Central Europe.

The UPC networks in Czech Republic and Slovakia, RCS TerraSat in Romania and three cable operators in Bialystock/Poland are among the systems that have added the action sports and lifestyle channel to their basic packages.

The Channel is also now adding both Czech and Romanian to the list of languages that it is available in.

‘It’s great to have concluded these deals,’ says Phil Jones, Managing Director Extreme Sports Channel Europe. ‘Extreme is fast becoming a channel of choice for many cable operators who recognize that our mix of top action sport events, plus extreme lifestyle and music programming attracts valuable and hard-to-reach consumers to their platforms.’

The full list of new deals is as follows: RCS TerraSat, Romanian Cable TV and Satline Fl in Romania, UPC Czech Republic, UPC Slovakia as well as SAV, Elpos and Telewizja Kablowa Dipol in Bialystock/Poland.

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