Extreme International and UPC (j.v. partners in the Channel) announced today that a distribution agreement has been signed with Telegeneve S.A. for Extreme Sports Channel and it will now be available for the first time in Switzerland. The channel is part of the Digicable service reaching a potential of 132,000 subscribers in the greater Geneva area.

The Digicable service of Telegeneve offers viewers the unique opportunity to choose the language soundtrack with the channel. Making full use of the capabilities of the digital cable distribution, the channel is available in a number of languages, which makes the offer very attractive to the large international community living in the Geneva area. Distribution on the Digicable service starts on June 1st.

Michel Vieux, Managing Director of Telegene S.S., said: ‘One year after the launch of our digital service Digicable, the first one operational in Switzerland, the agreement with UPCtv gives us the opportunity to increase the number of channels available to our subscribers as well as to give access to multiple language soundtracks. This is important for us due to the various foreign communities living in our city. UPCtv’s channels will be offered as a package named ‘Family’. With these new channels our most extensive tier now has almost 130 TV channels.’

Alistair Gosling, CEO of Extreme International, said: ‘I am absolutely delighted that the Extreme Sports Channel will now be available in Switzerland and as the heart of skiing and snowboarding, I hope that Switzerland is the beginning of the Channel being available in all the top extreme sports arenas of the world.’

Stephen Cohen, Chief Operating Officer of UPCtv, said: ‘We are very pleased that for the first time Swiss viewers are now able to see our channels. It is also the first time viewers can take advantage of the enhanced services available on a digital cable network with multiple language soundtracks.’

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