Extreme Sports Channel, the world’s first adventure and adrenaline sports service, is to broadcast in Russia. UPCtv announced today Kosmos-TV starts distributing Extreme Sports Channel from December 15th. The channel is part of a new digital platform for the greater Moscow area.

Kosmos-TV is a leading Russian multichannel television operator. The company has launched a new digital platform on its MMDS cable system (Multichannel Microwave Distribution System), otherwise known as ‘wireless cable’, for the greater Moscow area, offering a large number of digital channels to subscribers in the Russian capital.

The Extreme Sports Channel, a joint venture with the Extreme Group, is the world’s first television channel dedicated to extreme sports and lifestyle offering 24 hours a day non-stop action from surfing to snowboarding, in-line skating and mountain biking. It is a significant addition to the sports choice available on television, offering more than just sport.

For Kosmos-TV general Mikhail Smetnik said: ‘We are pleased to be the first in Russia to work with UPCtv. Extreme Sports Channel will be included in our Elite Digital package and will round out a very strong selection of sports and adventure programming at Kosmos. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that Kosmos-TV will be the first Russian operator taking Extreme Sports channel.’

For Extreme Group, Managing Director Alistair Gosling said: ‘We are pleased to announce that Russia joins the growing group of countries that are able to receive the Extreme Sports Channel and that the extreme sports enthusiasts in Moscow will be able to get the top sports from the top extreme sports channel.’

Stephen Cohen, Chief Operating Officer of UPCtv, said: ‘We are delighted that we can add yet another territory for the channel. It is part of the planned worldwide roll out of the channel. We look forward to being able to add more countries over the coming months.’

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