HONOLULU, HI (April 23, 2002) – TEAM Unlimited has secured a key strategic relationship with Extreme International Limited to disseminate TEAM television productions of the XTERRA Planet Series and Hawaii’s Ocean Games to broadcast outlets throughout the world.

The multi-year agreement grants Extreme International exclusive worldwide licensing rights to distribute the aforementioned TEAM Unlimited productions to all international markets outside of Japan.

‘We’re very excited to join forces with Extreme International, widely recognized as the leader in international extreme sports programming distribution,’ said TEAM Unlimited President Tom Kiely. ‘Extreme will certainly help us increase our exposure in the international marketplace.’

The 26 half-hour shows comprising TEAM Unlimited’s production of the XTERRA Planet Series are a natural fit with Extreme International’s passion and focus of distributing quality extreme sports programming to the world’s broadcasters. The series features top athletes from around the globe performing extreme maneuvers in such sports as mountain boarding, mountain biking, indoor skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, canoe surfing, tow-in surfing, caving, paragliding, holua sledding, and more in locales ranging from Hawaii to New Zealand, and from Japan to Switzerland.

Hawaii’s Ocean Games focus on sporting activities and events unique to the Hawaiian Islands and profile some of Hawaii’s greatest ocean athletes, from professional female surfers to the legendary Buffalo Keaulana. The three-part series of one-hour shows feature surfing, canoe paddling, wake boarding, paipo boarding, and even ‘wreck’ diving through the remains of submerged planes.

Extreme International, a global television distribution company, has been specializing in the distribution of Extreme Sports programming for more than five years and boasts an extensive base of clients worldwide. They are part of a fast growing global media group, the Extreme Group, with a collection of companies focused on the Ex Brand to include the Extreme Sports Channel, a rapidly expanding global 24-hour television channel broadcasting in over 50 countries. The Extreme Group has offices in the UK, The Netherlands and the United States.

For more information about Extreme International contact Ben Barrett, Director of Sales, at Ben@extremeinternational.com, or call +44 (0) 207-886-0775.

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