INTERNATIONAL SPORTS CONVENTION 2014 (ISC), taking place on December 10-11, 2014 in Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland(previously in Amsterdam) has established itself as one event where everything is very much under one roof.                  

18 Sports Conferences over 2 days, 150 speakers, 100 exhibitors and over 2,000 delegates. The convergence of the different sport segments of the industry and an inclusive entrance policy has made ISC an end of year date in everyone’s calendar – and even more so going forwards. With ambitious plans to continuously develop and expand, its central European location of Geneva is also appealing to the global sports industry.

The 4 Event Partners for ISC 2014 are: UNICEFASPIREMAPEIQatar Financial Centre Authority (QFC).

UNICEF is the driving force that helps in building a world where the rights of every child are realized. The organization has been a pioneer in the use of sport as a tool for addressing development issues and counts among its partners the world’s top sporting institutions and athletes who are eager to join forces to improve the lives of children. To engage with sport on behalf of children is not only effective, but also logical as it meets children where they are or should be – involved in play. UNICEF’s goal is to amplify its existing sport-related programs and partnerships to improve the lives of children globally. 

Nigel Fletcher – Chief Executive of the International Sports Convention comments: "The ISC focusses on the business of sport, and many are there to grow their businesses, which is what we set out to facilitate but we as organisers wanted to have a balance and re-emphasize the power of sport in today’s world. UNICEF will be making two presentations at the ISC. We are very proud to work with UNICEF in assisting them to achieve their goals".

MAPEI Founded in Milan in 1937, MAPEI is today’s world leader in the production of adhesives and chemical products for building. Starting in the 1960’s MAPEI put its strategy of internationalization into action in order to have maximum proximity to the needs of local markets and reduce shipping costs to a minimum. The Group now counts 70 subsidiaries with 64 production facilities in operation over 31 countries and 5 continents. MAPEI has always placed great emphasis on research. In fact, the Group invests 12% of its company’s total work-force and 5% of its turnover in R&D; in particular, 70% of its R&D efforts are directed to develop eco-sustainable and environmentally friendly products which meet LEED requirements. Furthermore, MAPEI has developed a sales and technical service network with offices all over the world and offers an efficient Technical Assistance Service that is valued by architects, engineers, contractors and owners. Since 1970’s, MAPEI has been supplying various construction materials for building sport facilities (such as the installations of swimming pools and running tracks, etc.) for Olympic Games and numerous international sports 

Nigel Fletcher – Chief Executive of the International Sports Convention comments: "Behind most sport events, stadiums, sports facilities MAPEI have been involved somewhere in the supply chain – it also a testament to their focus on research and development that for nearly 80 years they have shown constant evolution and a focus on new technologies to be a constant leader".

ASPIRE ZONE rising to international prominence through successful staging of the 2006 Asian Games, Qatar’s ASPIRE ZONE boasts some of the world’s finest sport stadia and venues offering a unique sports medicine, research and education destination for the international sports industry. ASPIRE ZONE is able to service the highest sporting demands ranging from hosting major sports events to training and pre-competition camps to conferences and research as well as injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation through:

  • the internationally renowned ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence, offering comprehensive sports education program and unprcedented facilities of international calibre
  • ASPETAR Qatar Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Hospital – including its FIFA Accredited Medical Centre of Excellence
  • ASPIRE LOGISTICS is the third and newly established strategic business unit of ASPIRE ZONE Foundation. It manages the precinct's world class sporting venues.

The company also provides venue and event management services for different sectors and multi-purposes. 

Nigel Fletcher – Chief Executive of the International Sports Convention comments: "In a space less than 10 years ASPIRE ZONE have truly become a leader in sport, sports medicine and research and educational services for the international Sports Industry. Certainly if not before 2020 they will achieve their group vision 2020 that being ‘By 2020, ASPIRE ZONE will be the Reference in Sports Excellence Worldwide’. They are certainly well down that track".

Strategically located as an important platform for conducting business in the rapidly growing Middle East and North Africa Region, the QATAR FINACIAL CENTRE (QFC) has firmly established itself as a thriving jurisdiction for global and regional financial services firms looking to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the region. The QFC Authority is the commercial and strategic arm of the QATAR FINACIAL CENTRE. The QFC Authority also serves as a ‘think-tank’ for the State of Qatar on financial services, in addition to acting as an interface between participants who would like to use the QFC as a platform to expand within the region and the State of Qatar. 

Nigel Fletcher – Chief Executive of the International Sports Convention comments: "With Qatar investing and developing in Sport – more sports and business organisations/companies will seriously consider Qatar as having a regional office now and the future. It is an exciting time for Qatar, now and especially the road to 2022 and we look forward to working with QATAR FINACIAL CENTRE".

So whether it is the development of sport, or the business of sport the two go hand in hand, the INTERNATIONAL SPORTS CONVENTION has taken the initiative to be the one event which brings everyone together. 

The event organisers based in Lausanne – the International Olympic Capital are solely that, event and networking business specialists and this again ensures the independence, credibility, ensuring business is done and connections are made and where importantly open discussions and debate occur regarding the development and business of Sport.

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December 10-11, 2014, Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland