Following its new marketing strategy under which it will have direct control over its commercial rights, the European Athletic Association EAA has appointed Stefan Kleine-Erfkamp as Director of Marketing and Events and
made an arrangement with the marketing agency Navigator for marketing support.

Stefan Kleine-Erfkamp joins the EAA from Anschutz Entertainment Group Europe Inc. where he was Chief Executive Officer and will head up the EAA’s expanded marketing and events department, located at the EAA’s new
headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The EAA is responsible for its Championship Series of events including the programme showpiece, the European Championships, to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden in August 2006; the European Indoor Championships, the annual SPAR
European Cup and SPAR European Cross Country Championships and the European Indoor Cup. Commercial rights to the Series, including the broadcast contract already in place with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), are valued at €40 Million.

To assist the EAA in securing its commercial objectives, the EAA has made an agreement with Navigator: The Sports Business, based in London, under which Navigator will work with the EAA in the marketing of partnership packages.

Navigator, which recently joined the Real Affinity Group of companies, regards this agreement as an important signal to the market of its intent to compete at the top level of business involving the world’s most prestigious
sports federation and their events. Commercial Director, Matthew Argenti said:

‘Having worked in this area in the past, when several substantial deals were contracted, I consider the EAA Championship Series to be one of Europe’s top sports attractions with over 1500 hours of terrestrial television coverage and a cumulative audience in excess of 1.5 billion
viewers. As our exclusive client in the world of athletics, Navigator is proud to be working with the European Athletic Association at the highest level and ensuring them of our complete commitment.’

For the EAA, John Lister, Council Member responsible for marketing, said: ‘In an increasingly competitive market, we felt the need of additional resources to help us market our commercial packages. We believe Navigator will give us both the necessary experience and focus.’

For more details contact:

EAA Media
Nicolas Russi
Holunderweg 27
CH-4805 Brittnau, Switzerland