Euroleague Basketball announced today an extension of its agreement with sports business consultant Marshall Glickman. Glickman has been a full-time consultant with the Euroleague since December, 2002. As part of the new agreement, Glickman will return to the United States, where he will launch a new consulting practice, G2 Strategic, LLC, but will make frequent trips to Europe.

‘We are very pleased that we can continue our association with Marshall,’ Euroleague CEO Jordi Bertomeu said. ‘Marshall has provided us with innovative and forward-thinking advice, while at the same time, he has adjusted very well to the realities that are uniquely European.’

Under Glickman, the league launched the Euroleague Ticketing Program, which provides intensive workshops related to increasing attendance and income from ticket sales for 10 participating clubs. Glickman is also playing a major role in advising the Euroleague on its future direction in television, sponsorship sales, licensing, the Euroleague Final Four and general business development.

‘Euroleague is making major strides as a viable and growing sports property,’ said Glickman. ‘I am impressed with Jordi’s leadership and the clubs’ desire to embrace new strategies designed to secure and accelerate the growth of this great competition.’

Glickman added, ‘To be successful in Europe, you cannot simply import typical U.S. sports marketing ideas. Instead, you can draw upon many of the best concepts from the States, but at the same time you must be very sensitive to the fact that Europe is not a country and modify your thinking accordingly. We are finding that there is a tremendous market for the growth of basketball, especially from young families, businesses and women. I am very excited about our future.’

Bertomeu feels that having Glickman based in the United States will benefit the Euroleague. ‘There is no question that European basketball is having a meaningful impact in the States. It is important for us to increase our presence in the corporate and advertising communities, as we think we provide a uniquely pan-European marketing platform that can help U.S. companies increase European sales and break into new markets. In addition to advising us directly, Marshall will have an important role in our development in this area.’

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