In recent months, the marketing trade press has played host to some lively debate concerning the effectiveness of EURO 2000 sponsorship. Yet a review of EURO 2000 as a communications platform has been missing.

In the two weeks following EURO 2000, Sponsorship Research International (SRi) conducted one component of the official event research programme. 2,500 respondents were interviewed in five markets: Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and the UK. Amongst other questions, respondents were asked to rate UEFA’s flagship event along with the Olympic Games and Formula One, two other high profile events being staged in 2000, on a scale of 1-10 where 10 indicates they are held in the highest regard and 1 the lowest.

UEFA European Football Championship
Total: 5.82
UK: 5.41
Germany: 4.88
France: 5.66
Belgium: 5.98
Holland: 7.21

The Olympic Games
Total: 5.89
UK: 5.91
Germany: 5.50
France: 5.94
Belgium: 5.56
Holland: 6.53

F1 Motor Racing
Total: 4.38
UK: 4.21
Germany: 4.61
France: 3.84
Belgium: 4.08
Holland: 5.15

On average across all markets, the UEFA European Football Championships (5.82) was rated almost as high as the Olympic Games (5.89), the difference being marginal. In fact, in the host markets for EURO 2000, the scores for the tournament outstripped that noted for the Olympics – Belgium, 5.98 v 5.56, and Holland, 7.21 v 6.53.

Furthermore, the tournament compared favourably with Formula One motor racing, which was in mid-season when this study was conducted. A five-market average rating of 5.82 was 33% higher than the 4.38 achieved by motor sport’s most significant property.

It is interesting to cut the data another way comparing people who do and don’t watch soccer on TV.

Penetration across 5 markets
TV Viewers: 77%
Non Viewers: 23%

The UEFA European Football Championship
TV Viewers: 6.89
Non Viewers: 1.81

The Olympic Games
TV Viewers: 6.26
Non Viewers: 4.53

F1 Motor Racing
TV Viewers: 4.80
Non Viewers: 2.79

Soccer TV viewers, who at the very least watch the sport on TV now and again, represent 77% of all respondents. This group rated the European Championships at 6.89, 10% higher than the 6.26 achieved by the Olympic Games and 44% greater than the Formula One rating of 4.80. It comes as no surprise that the UEFA European Football Championship is well respected by the hard-core soccer fans.

However, that opinion is so high amongst a large body of people who may have a more passing interest in football is but one reason that commercial interest in the event continues.

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