IDSF Sports Director Heinz Spaeker advises that the Final of the 2004 IDSF Grand Slam Series will take place concurrently with together with the final of the ‘ARD Masters Gala’ in Essen, Germany, on November 27, 2004.

The Managing Committee of the IDSF Presidium carefully reviewed previous applications and information, and decided that, regrettably, due to financial considerations, it was not possible to organize this Final in Monaco as previously hoped. The Managing Committee’s decision occurred after IDSF 1st Vice-President Harald Frahm, of Germany, made a generous offer to host the Final at Essen.

This decision will help strengthen and promote the IDSF Grand Slam Series, which is an important part of IDSF’s development strategy to increase the strength of our relationship with our top couples, develop our television assets, and strengthen our relationship with other important stakeholders in the world DanceSport community.

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Dr. Johannes Biba, IDSF Communications Director, Kochgasse 9/16, A-1080 Vienna, Austria;
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