The Executive Committee of the European Handball Federation has secured top venues and organisers to hold the 2004 Men’s and Women’s European Championships for club teams.

The men’s edition of the event will return to Spain for a second year running – this time to the 2003/2004 champions league contender – Ciudad Real. The event will take place with four teams on 27/28 November 2004.

The women’s events will take place in Leipzig, Germany from 27-30 December 2004. This is a change to the originally published date and the event will be enlarged to include 6 teams. The event will be part of the annual Handball Masters Leipzig event, which attracts great interest every year.

All teams will be confirmed following the end of the European Cup season.

Both organisers are highly experienced in holding top events and these two club championships promise to be just that.

For more information contact:

Miss Siân Rowland
EHF Office
Tel: +43 1 801 5123
Fax: +43 1 801 5149